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The Leafy Brand

leafy™ U-shape Trellis

leafy™ U-shape Trellis

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Experience the magic of our transparent trellises, expertly designed to seamlessly blend into your plants' lush foliage. These trellises enhance your plants' natural beauty without overpowering it. By incorporating these trellises into your gardening arsenal, your plants can take center stage and thrive as the true rockstars they were destined to be, all while receiving a touch of elegant and functional support. 

Crafted from resilient acrylic, these trellises redefine durability by being entirely waterproof, banishing any concerns of rust or decay. Each trellis is made 6mm thick providing strong and sturdy support.

The leafy™ U shape trellis provides an ideal solution for your cascading plants such as Hoyas, Pothos, string of hearts,  Scindapsus, Monsteras, or Philodendrons, offering a supportive structure for climbing and entwining.

⭐️Use  clear plant clips to help you secure plants on the trellis 

⭐️(2 pack) will include 2 x trellis of the chosen size in the order.

⭐️(Mix pack) will include 1 of each size ( 1x small + 1x Medium + 1x Large) in the order.


Large - Height: 45cm, Width: 14.6cm

Medium - Height: 40cm, Width: 10.6cm

Small - Height: 35cm, Width: 7cm  


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