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GT Rootzone

GT Rootzone

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Unlock unparalleled plant growth potential with Growth Technology (GT) Rootzone. This organic root supplement, expertly formulated with marine and plant extracts, fortified with fulvic acid, and enriched with vital vitamins and minerals, isn't just about boosting roots; it's the key to optimizing your plants' full potential.

 💚 Free Pipette included 💚

⭐️ Rapid  Root Growth: Witness astonishing root development for a solid growth foundation.
⭐️ Enhance Nutrient Uptake: Promote robust nutrient absorption for healthier, more vigorous plants.
⭐️ Remarkable Plant Development:  Transform your garden into a haven of exceptional growth with the magic of GT Rootzone.

Why Choose GT Rootzone?
GT Rootzone propels your plants toward extraordinary development, offering rapid root growth, enhanced nutrient uptake, and remarkable overall plant development.

What makes GT Rootzone's formulation special?
Its organic-based formulation embraces natural excellence, blending plant and marine extracts, fulvic acid, and carefully selected vitamins and minerals for optimal plant nourishment.

How does GT Rootzone complement Growth Technology nutrients?
The seamless integration of GT Rootzone with Growth Technology nutrients suck as GT foliage Focus to create a dynamic duo, ensuring flawless fusion of nutrients and additives, accelerating growth, and delivering revolutionary results.

How to Use GT Rootzone?

Dilute as follows:
🌟Cuttings  & Seedlings: 0.5ml per liter of water with your regular liquid fertilizer.
🌟Juvenile and Mature: 1ml per liter of water with your regular liquid fertilizer. 


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