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GT- Foliage Focus

GT- Foliage Focus

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Step into a world of vibrant, thriving plants with Growth Technology Foliage Focus! It's like a plant superfood, available in handy 1-liter and 250ml bottles. This magical potion boosts your indoor and outdoor plants, making them grow faster, flaunt brighter flowers, and resist diseases better.

💚 Free Pipette included 💚

⭐️ Holistic Nutrient Blend: Precision engineering merges 12 vital minerals into a singular bottle, simplifying your plant care ritual.

⭐️ Versatile for Foliage Diversity: Tailored for both rare and common foliage varieties, ensuring a flourishing nutrient journey.

⭐️ Revitalized Growth and Fortification: Witness swift growth, robust root strength, and flourishing blooms with consistent use.

⭐️ Immunity Boost Against Diseases: Healthier plants inherently ward off diseases and pests with increased efficiency.

⭐️ Adaptability to Environmental Challenges:  Empower your plants to brave fluctuating temperatures and varying humidity levels.

⭐️Unlock Optimal Growth Synergy: Combine GT Foliage Focus and GT Rootzone. This powerful duo provides comprehensive nutrition, encourages lush foliage, promotes robust root development, and delivers unbeatable growth results.

What Makes Growth Technology Foliage Focus Stand Out?

Growth Technology Foliage Focus stands out for its exceptional nutrient blend, carefully combining 12 essential minerals using precision engineering. It's the go-to choice for both rare and common foliage plants, fostering rapid growth, robust root strength, lively blooms, and increased resistance against diseases.

How Concentrated is Foliage Focus and How Much Solution Does it Make?

Foliage Focus packs a punch with its high concentration – a mere 1L of this magic potion can create up to 200L of nutrient solution for your beloved plants.

Incorporating Foliage Focus into growing media : How To?

Mix 3-5ml of Foliage Focus with each liter of water during every watering session for your plants in growing medium. Achieve optimal results by applying during each watering and giving your soil a monthly flush with plain water to remove any lingering mineral salt build-up. Adjust nutrient strength or dilution rate based on your plant's maturity for the perfect blend.

Can Foliage Focus Be Used in Hydroponic Systems?

Absolutely! Foliage Focus is your hydroponic system's best friend. Just use 5-7ml per liter of water when whipping up your nutrient solution.

What Elevates Foliage Focus to Top-Tier Status?

Foliage Focus isn't just a plant nutrient; it's a plant's dream come true. pH buffered to keep all 12 vital minerals accessible, crafted with top-grade raw materials and chelated trace elements, and free from harmful additives like chlorides, urea, sodium, and ammonium – this is plant care at its finest.



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