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The Leafy Brand

leafy™ Stem Support Hooks

leafy™ Stem Support Hooks

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Leafy™ Stem Support Hooks – Your Plant's Best Friend for an Organized and Elegant Display!

Fed up with your plant's stems and leaves going every which way? Our ingenious Stem Support Hooks are the solution you've been waiting for! Created from pristine, see-through acrylic, they effortlessly maintain the order of both fragile and weighty stems, turning your plant display into a work of art in neatness.

Why You Need Our Stem Support Hook:

🌟 Tame Unruly Growth: Say goodbye to leaves and stems growing in all directions. Our Stem Support Hook ensures a clean and organized appearance for your precious plants.

🌟 The Magic of Transparency: Made from clear acrylic, these hooks create a mesmerizing floating effect, making your plants appear suspended in mid-air. It's minimalism meets elegance!

🌟 Versatility at Its Best: Use it solo or pair it with our acrylic plant stakes. Thread the stake through the middle hole for unparalleled support, keeping your plants upright and flourishing.

Available Sizes:

Small :7.5cm - Ideal for petite plants and delicate stems.

Medium:12.5cm - Provides reliable support for medium-sized plants with sturdy stems.

Large:15cm – Perfect for heavier or taller plants that need extra support.

X Large:20cm – Offering robust support for larger plants with substantial stems


Size Small and Medium will be paired with 50cm (6mm thick) stakes. 

Size Large and X Large will be paired with 50cm (8mm Thick) stakes. 


    Caring for Your leafy™️ Acrylic products

    To maintain the acrylic's clarity and shine, gently wipe it with a clean soft, damp cloth as needed. Please note that upon delivery, there's a protective film covering one side of the acrylic surface. Remember to peel it off before use to reveal its pristine beauty.

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