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Flairosol Ultra Fine Mist Continuous Spray Bottle

Flairosol Ultra Fine Mist Continuous Spray Bottle

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Experience the original Dutch-designed Flairosol Continuous Spray Ultra Fine Mist 300ml Refillable Bottle offers groundbreaking features that redefine your spraying experience.

Say goodbye to aerosol spray bottles with harmful propellants, as Flairosol delivers an eco-friendly alternative. Enjoy a consistent spray that evenly covers surfaces, with each press providing a sustained mist lasting 1.2 seconds and dispensing precisely 1.25cc of liquid, no matter the angle, even upside down.

This premium-quality trigger boasts a comfortable ergonomic grip and is entirely reusable. Refilling is effortless thanks to the leakproof quick-release mechanism, allowing you to fill it with your choice of liquids effortlessly.

❗️Please note, this is authentic Flairosol product distinguished by its engraved logo on the internal pump, setting it apart from imitation products in the market.

 🌟 300ml capacity / Clear bottle


Key Features: 

⭐️ Ultra Fine Mist, Continuous Spraying: Enjoy a quiet, continuous spray action that works effortlessly at any angle. Achieve an ultra-fine mist that evenly covers large areas with precision.

⭐️ Versatile Applications: This multi-tasking marvel is your ultimate tool for a wide range of tasks. Perfect for professional use, hair salons, pet grooming, household cleaning, plant care, and more.

⭐️ Leak-Proof and Ergonomic: The Flairosol features unique patented technology and an ergonomic design for your comfort. Its leak-proof construction ensures mess-free performance, while its comfortable grip makes it easy to use.

⭐️ Green for Plant Lovers: Use it to mist your indoor and outdoor plants, from succulents and bonsai to cacti and more. Your plants will appreciate the fine, gentle mist that adds humidity and supports foliar feeding.

⭐️ Easy to Refill and Reuse:  BPA-free, non-toxic, and crafted from environmentally sound PET materials, it's a responsible choice for you and the planet. Refill and reduce waste while you enjoy its continuous misting benefits.


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