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The Leafy Brand

leafy™ Aroid 001 special Mix

leafy™ Aroid 001 special Mix

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Introducing our leafy™ Aroid 001 Special Mix – a custom-crafted growing medium exclusively designed to enrich the well-being of your aroids. Transform your indoor plant care regimen with this exceptional soil-free blend, thoughtfully composed from 10 premium ingredients. Comprising coco coir, coco chips, a trio of pine bark grades, perlite, pumice, vermiculite, charcoal, and an exclusive secret ingredient that elevates your aroid's care.

The Aroid 001 Mix is perfectly tailored for a variety of aroids, including the iconic Monstera Deliciosa, Philodendrons, Anthuriums, Syngoniums, Hoya’s and Pothos. This blend is designed to provide impeccable drainage and aeration, guarding against overwatering and root rot while promoting sustainable gardening practices by avoiding peat moss. 

⭐ To achieve exceptional results, combine the Aroid 001 Mix with our tall ventilated clear pots.

⭐Each 3L bag of our Aroid 001 Mix fills approximately 2.5 of our 14cm tall ventilated pots, 3.5 of our 12cm pots, or 7 of our 10cm pot.

⭐ Available in 3 Liter bags.

⭐ This mix is formulated without fertilizers, offering a clean and neutral foundation. We recommend adding suitable fertilizers during the active growing seasons for your aroids to flourish.

⭐️ Checkout our bucket shovel soil scoop that Simplifies the repotting process, ensuring precision and reducing soil spillage.

❗️Please note that due to quarantine regulations, we are unable to deliver this blend to certain states, including Tasmania (TAS), Western Australia (WA), and Northern Territory (NT).

❗️Maximum 4 bags in a single order. If you order more than 4 bags , extra postage will apply.   

What's in the mix ?

🌿 Coco Coir Bliss: Coco coir creates the perfect moisture balance, keeping your aroids comfortably hydrated.

🌱 Coco Chips Vitality: Coco chips enhance drainage, ensuring optimal root health and preventing water logging.

🌿 3-Grade Pine Bark Ecosystem: Our carefully selected trio of pine bark enriches the mix, delivering essential nutrients, anchoring roots, and providing an adaptable environment by filling gaps of all sizes.

🌱 Perlite Aeration: Perlite promotes root aeration, guaranteeing healthy breathing and preventing root suffocation.

🌿 Pumice Pinnacle: Pumice fosters impeccable drainage, maintaining the ideal moisture level for your aroids.

🌱 Vermiculite Enrichment: Vermiculite supports root growth, ensuring a well-structured medium for your aroids to thrive in.

🌿 Charcoal Cleansing: Activated charcoal purifies the mix, shielding your aroids from toxins and impurities.

🌱 Secret Ingredient Magic: Our secret ingredient offers natural pest protection and prevention of Fungal Growth creating a fortress for your aroids.


As you embrace this aroid mix, it's essential to adapt your watering approach to match its free-draining nature.

Unlike conventional soil mixes, our Aroid 001 mix offers impeccable drainage, creating an environment where your plants' roots can breathe freely. To ensure your aroids thrive.

How to fine-tune your watering routine to ensure your aroids thrive?

🌿 Thorough Soaking: When it's time to water, give your plant a generous, thorough soak until water flows from the drainage holes. This practice ensures the entire root system receives hydration.

🌿 Monitor Moisture: Gauge your plant's moisture needs by touching the growing medium. If it's dry at the top and slightly moist below, it's time to water.

🌱 Consistency is Key: While the watering pattern may differ, consistency in watering is essential. Avoid alternating between drought and overwatering, as this can stress your aroid.

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