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The Leafy Brand

leafy™ Tall Ventilated clear pots

leafy™ Tall Ventilated clear pots

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Growing healthy leaves starts with nurturing healthy roots. We understand the importance of a strong root system in plant growth. That's why we introduce our leafy™ tall Ventilated Clear Pot, crafted with innovation and care to enhance your plant care experience. Made from non toxic recyclable PP plastic, thick and durable. This innovative pot combines functionality and style .

Drainage and air flow is a key factor that reduces the risk of root rot. Our pot is equipped with excellent drainage capabilities. It ensures optimal moisture control, preventing overwatering and root rot. The addition of eight rows of side ventilation slits promotes healthy airflow, aiding in root aeration and growth. No need to drill your own holes anymore. 

But that's not all – the transparent design of our pot offers a unique window into the world beneath the growing medium. Watch as roots develop, giving you insight into your plant's well-being. The clarity of the pot also allows for natural light to reach the roots, stimulating growth With the perfect balance of form and function, our Clear Pot is also great to grow your plant in semi hydro using LECA or PON. 


Combine the tall ventilated clear pots with our Aroid 001 special mix to achieve exceptional results. 

Available  in 4 sizes  10cm/12cm/14cm/18cm

Pots are sold in pack of 5 or 10 . 


- 10cm (top diameter), 12cm (hight), 7.5cm  (bottom diameter)  

- 12cm (top diameter), 14.5cm (hight), 9cm  (bottom diameter)  

- 14cm (top diameter), 16.5cm (hight), 11.5cm  (bottom diameter)     

-18cm (top diameter), 20.5cm(hight), 14.5cm  (bottom diameter)

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