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leafy™ Moss Pole 2.0 Honeycomb Small (NEW)

leafy™ Moss Pole 2.0 Honeycomb Small (NEW)

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Discover the Leafy™ Moss Poles – the perfect support for your climbing aroids like Monstera and Philodendron. These aesthetic marvels not only enhance your indoor plant decor but also promote healthy aerial root growth.

leafy™ moss pole small has three rows of  honeycomb cutouts and three rows of slits to allow adjustment of thickness. Suitable for your small to medium size plants and great for plant with slower growth. 

Whats new in the 2.0 Honeycomb? 

  • Redesigned 2.0 legs for enhanced stability while preserving the full 63.5cm length.

  • Smaller cut-out holes secure Aroid mix and other compact mediums effortlessly, supporting aerial roots as they navigate the substrate.

  • Upgraded clip-in tabs feature rounded edges for easier plant propagation by simplifying pole opening and plant removal.

  • Perfectly stackable and extendable with previous version poles, ensuring full compatibility for your growing needs.



Large - Width: 10cm  , Height: 63.5cm (including legs)  

Medium - Width: 8cm , Height: 45cm (including legs) 

Small - Width: 6cm , Height: 39.5cm(including legs)

Mini - Width: 4.5cm , Height: 34cm (including legs) 


Can you extend the pole once the plant reaches the top ? 

All Leafy moss poles are extendable. You can easily make extensions by sliding a new extension pole into the inner of existing pole and overlap 7cm- 10cm for stability.

What substrates can you use to fill the poles ? 

Sphagnum moss is the most common substrates used to fill our poles but you can also use tree fern fiber or aroid mix as well as pine bark or LECA. As long as you can keep the substrate moist to encourage aerial roots to grow in. 

How to secure plants to the moss pole ? 

The plant will grab onto the pole with their aerial roots once established but before that happens, you can use a clip or plant tie to stabilize it on the pole. Check out our Leafy plant tie that will help you secure plant on the pole. There are three colors available to match our moss poles.  


** Note : Growing medium such as Sphagnum moss and plant is not included. Only moss pole included in purchase.

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