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leafy™ Moss Pole 2.0 Diamond

leafy™ Moss Pole 2.0 Diamond

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Introducing Leafy Moss Pole 2.0 Diamond : Elevate Your Plant's Journey with Diamond Aesthetics.

Discover the next level of plant support with our Leafy Moss Pole 2.0 featuring an elegant diamond cut design, pleasing both your senses and plants. Crafted from clear non-toxic PET material, these poles offer visibility into root growth and moisture levels, promoting healthy development.

Ideal for climbing plants like Monstera, Philodendron, Syngoniums,Scindapsus and Pothos.

🌱 Available in 4 sizes to accommodate various climbers.

🌱 Remove protective film before use.


Large - Width: 10cm, Height: 63.5cm

Medium - Width: 8cm, Height: 45cm

Small - Width: 6cm, Height: 39.5cm

Mini - Width: 4.5cm, Height: 34cm


Wondering if you can extend the pole as your plant grows?

Absolutely! All Leafy moss poles are extendable. Simply slide a new extension pole into the existing one, overlapping by 7cm-10cm for stability.

Curious about substrates for filling the poles?

Sphagnum moss, tree fern fiber, aroid mix, pine bark, or LECA can be used to maintain moisture for aerial root growth.

How to secure plants to the moss pole?

Use a clip or Leafy Plant Tie before aerial roots take hold. Our three matching tie colors ensure stability and style.

 ** Note : Growing medium such as Sphagnum moss and plant is not included. Only moss pole included in purchase.


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