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The Leafy Brand

leafy™ Potting Mat

leafy™ Potting Mat

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Ready to level up your indoor jungle without sacrificing style? Say hello to the Leafy™ Potting Mat—the superhero of clean indoor gardening. Crafted from tough PE material, it keeps the mess at bay while making sure your plant haven stays as chic as ever!

⭐️ Sleek Design: The Leafy™ Potting Mat is crafted for a simple, clean aesthetic, seamlessly blending into your indoor gardening setup.

⭐️ Mess Prevention: Snap-in corners minimize spills, keeping your space pristine and visually pleasing.

Size Options :

▶︎ Small (45cm x 65cm): Tailored for those compact kitchen bench tops, this size is your go-to for on-the-go gardening solutions. Perfect for apartment dwellers and balcony gardeners who know how to maximize every inch.

▶︎ Large (60cm x 80cm): Perfect for spacious work areas, ideal for repotting large plants or managing multiple smaller ones at once—a must-have for dedicated indoor gardeners.

Strap Color Options:

Midnight Black Strap: Classic and sleek, adding a touch of sophistication to your gardening setup.

Glacier White Strap: Clean and minimalist, offering a fresh and modern look to complement any space.


How to Use and Store:

  • Snap and Secure: Unroll the potting mat, snap in the corners for stability, and seamlessly integrate it into your stylish gardening space.
  • Gardening Comfort: Plant with confidence, knowing that spills are kept to a minimum, preserving the clean aesthetic of your indoor haven.
  • Quick Cleanup: After your gardening tasks, wipe the mat with a wet cloth, ensuring a simple and efficient cleanup. Let it dry before roll up. 
  • Effortless Storage: Roll up the mat, maintaining the neat and clean look of your indoor space until the next planting session.

Pro Tips:

❗️Avoid wetting the snap buttons to prevent rusting.
❗️Let it dry up before rolling up. 


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