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The Leafy Brand

leafy™ Pot Extender

leafy™ Pot Extender

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Leafy™ Pot Extender, a groundbreaking solution tailored to elevate the growth and vitality of your remarkable Anthuriums. These plants, celebrated for their aerial roots, possess distinctive features that set them apart, and our Pot Extender is here to nurture their development and overall well-being.

Customized Sizing for Your Plant's Needs:

The Leafy™ Pot Extender is available in two sizes, small and large, with three adjustable settings to ensure a perfect fit for your plant's unique requirements.

⭐️ Small - (3 Adjustable Settings):

  - Diameter Options: 8cm, 9cm, 10cm

⭐️ Large - (3 Adjustable Settings):

  - Diameter Options: 11cm, 12cm, 13cm

⭐️Stacking Options:
The pot extender is designed for easy stacking using various size settings. Think of it as building a botanical castle for your plants! For instance, when using a small extender, you can construct a tiered structure with 10cm for the base, 9cm for the second extension, and 8cm for the third extension. This innovative stacking feature allows you to create a customized, multi-level environment for your plants, just like assembling the perfect fortress for their growth.


Why Use the Pot Extender?

 🌟Unleashing the Potential of Aerial Roots:

Anthuriums harness their aerial roots for stability, and our Pot Extender maximizes their potential. This ingenious tool gently envelops the plant's base, providing a secure platform to stack the growing medium and delicately cover the aerial roots. This cultivates the perfect environment for your Anthurium's roots to thrive with each new leaf, resulting in faster growth, larger leaves, and accelerated maturity.

🌟Efficient Nutrient and Water Uptake:

The Pot Extender's role extends beyond support, as it enhances nutrient and water uptake. Aerial roots serve as nature's conduit for absorbing essentials from the air, and our extender ensures that your Anthurium can access the nourishment it requires for vibrant health.

🌟Ensuring Stability for Houseplants:

Our Pot Extender not only fosters aerial root development but also guarantees the security of your houseplants within their pots. With larger leaves to display and multiple blooms to produce, these plants demand a reliable support system. The Pot Extender offers the foundation necessary for your Anthuriums to achieve their full potential.

How to assemble and use the pot extender?

1. Remove Protective Film (Clear Only):
- Begin by peeling off the protective film if it's clear.
2. Form a Circular Shape:
- Gently bend the extender into a circular shape.
3. Position the Large Clip-in Tab:
- Ensure that the large clip-in tab is on the outside of the circle.
4. Select Your Size:
- Choose your desired size option for the pot extender.
5. Secure the Large Tab at an Angle:
- The large tab is designed to be clipped in from an angle. Start by sliding the top corner in first, followed by the bottom corner. Please note that it won't clip-in if its not inserted at an angle.
6. Clip in the Small Tab from the Inside:
- To secure the adjustment, clip in the small tab from the inside of the circular extender.
7. Place the Extender in the Pot:
- Position the extender in the pot, allowing the bottom part to rest on the growing medium. Gently press the extender down to ensure stability.
8. Fill the Extension Part with Growing Medium:
- Add the desired growing medium to the extension part of the extender.




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