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The Leafy Brand

leafy™ PON-002 Mineral Stone Mix

leafy™ PON-002 Mineral Stone Mix

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leafy™ PON-002 Mineral Stone Mix: The Ideal Growth Solution for Your Plants, Especially in Semi-Hydroponic Environments

Discover the remarkable qualities of leafy™ PON-002 Mineral Stones, a soil-less substrate designed to enhance your plants' growth and vitality, particularly in semi-hydroponic setups. Let's delve into the unique features that make leafy™ PON-002 a must-have addition to your indoor plant collection.

What is leafy™  PON-002?

leafy™  PON-002 is a meticulously hand-mixed mineral substrate comprising four premium mineral stones: Green Zeolite, Pumice, Red Volcanic Rock, and Diatomite. Each of these stones serves distinct functions and offers unique benefits.

⭐️ Each bag consists of 3 Liters of PON Mix.

⭐️ Checkout our bucket shovel soil scoop that simplifies the repotting process, ensuring precision and reducing soil spillage.

❗️Maximum 4 bags in a single order including Aroid mix. If you order more than 4 bags , extra postage will apply.   

❗️❗️Make sure to rinsing your PON mix thoroughly with water before you pot-up to remove dust particles.

Why choose  leafy™  PON-002 for Semi-Hydroponics?

  1. Optimal Air/Water Ratio: leafy™  PON-002 maintains the ideal air/water ratio for plant roots, with 45% water and 55% air. This reduces the risk of diseases and ensures that your plants receive the perfect balance of moisture and oxygen, crucial for thriving in semi-hydro conditions.
  1. Long-Lasting: This structurally stable plant substrate does not condense over time and retains its air permeable structure, making it a reliable choice for semi-hydro setups that require minimal maintenance. 
  1. Continuous Capillarity: leafy™   PON-002 provides continuous capillarity up to the planter's surface, ensuring that even undergrowth and small-rooted plants receive the right amount of water, a key feature for successful semi-hydroponic growth.
  1. pH Balance: The substance zeolite stabilizes the ideal pH balance for healthy plant growth, which is especially important in semi-hydroponic systems.
  1. Nutrient Distribution: leafy™  PON-002 ensures a balanced nutrient distribution in the root area of your planter, promoting consistent and compact root dispersion, a crucial factor in semi-hydro setups. 
  1. Buffering Effect: It acts as a buffer, absorbing excessive fertilizer and releasing it back to the plant when needed, a feature that simplifies nutrient management in semi-hydroponics.
  1.  Odor Absorber:  leafy™ PON-002 serves as a natural odor absorber, making it an excellent choice for indoor plant enthusiasts using semi-hydroponic techniques.
  1. Pest and Disease Prevention: The purely mineral composition prevents common plant pests and diseases, such as fungus gnats, ensuring a healthy and hassle-free semi-hydroponic experience. 

Which Plants Love It?

  • leafy™ PON-002 is suitable for all plants, but it's particularly beneficial for those that thrive in an airy, free-draining mix, prefer lightly moist conditions, or are prone to root rot if overwatered. This includes plants like Hoyas, Alocacias , Philodendrons, Calathea, Maranta, Monstera, Dieffenbachia, Aglaonema and more.

Using leafy™  PON-002:  Quick Guide

  1. Prepare the PON: Thoroughly rinse your leafy™ PON-002 with water to eliminate dust and particles. Remember, our PON mix doesn't contain added fertilizers, so it's a fresh start.
  2. Select an Outer Pot: Choose a pot without drainage holes to serve as a water reservoir. This design promotes a semi-hydroponic system, allowing your plant to draw up water from the PON as needed.
  3. Repotting: If you're transitioning your plant to PON, remove existing soil gently, washing the roots thoroughly under running water to remove all soil. Center your plant in the inner pot and fill with leafy™ PON-002.
  4. Watering: Fill the outer pot with water, which your plant will draw up through the PON. Keep a small amount of water in the outer pot to maintain slight submersion of the PON.
  5. Maintenance: Regularly check the outer pot's water level to prevent it from going dry. Ensure only 1/4 of the inner pot remains submerged to prevent over-saturation of the PON.
  6. Enjoy the Benefits: leafy™ PON-002 provides excellent aeration, reduces the risk of root rot, and minimizes pest issues. It's a superb choice to grow your indoor plants in semi-hydro settings.
  7. Fertilization: Our PON mix is formulated without fertilizers, providing a clean and neutral base. We recommend adding suitable fertilizers during active growth seasons for your plants to thrive.
  8. Transition Period: During the plant's transition to our substrates, expect a brief adjustment phase where they may appear less vibrant. This is a normal part of the adaptation process.
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